The Concept

Platform Forus is a decentralized opensource framework which provides developers with the tools to build scalable decentralized applications.

The applications build on the platform will facilitate the exchange of assets and validated information between its users. Users choose under which conditions the transactions should take place. By building the framework on blockchain and other decentralized technologies there is no central party on which others are dependent.

Users can take on the following roles:
(Municipality, Charity organisation)
Creates a fund, sets up the criteria, assigns validators and pledges budget or products.
(Smart-Contract or any trusted party)
Checks the validity of the information entered into the platform.
(Citizen, Company)
Applies for the funds or product they would like to obtain.
(Shop, service)
Supplies the ordered product and / or service.
Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
Case 4
Case 5
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All of these cases give examples of how the roles interact in different ways with the underlying smart contracts.

Therefore different front end interfaces will be developed as a modules.
Because of the smart contracts open nature, any party will be able to build their own front-end interfaces to interact with the Forus smart contracts.

To provide structure and facilitate the use of these smart contracts, Forus Foundation will provide API's and corresponding documentation.